Translational Research Fellows

Dr. Genevieve Seigel-Hawley

Associate professor, Educational Leadership, School of Education

Oliver Hall, Room 2098 Phone: (804) 828-8713 Email:


  • Race, stratification and inequality in American schools

Policy Brief: Regional Schools with a Focus on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion


Dr. Siegel-Hawley’s research focuses on examining school segregation and resegregation in U.S. metropolitan areas, along with strategies for promoting inclusive school communities and policy options for a truly integrated society. She teaches courses examining how — and why — equal educational opportunity is distributed so unequally across urban, suburban and exurban districts.

Siegel-Hawley’s current projects include a book manuscript on the multi-faceted benefits of city-suburban school desegregation and, with colleagues, a mixed-methods examination of the merger and demerger of the Memphis City and Shelby County school districts in Tennessee.

Siegel-Hawley works with the UCLA Civil Rights Project as a research affiliate. She is a Richmond native and a proud graduate of Richmond Public Schools. Siegel-Hawley taught high school history in Baltimore City Public Schools for two years before returning home to spend two more years teaching at John Marshall High School.

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