Translational Research Fellows

Dr. Nancy Jallo

Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Health Nursing, School of Nursing

1100 East Leigh Street, Room 3035 Phone: (804) 628-3365 Email:


  • premature birth
  • maternal well-being
  • biobehavioral mechanisms 

Policy Brief: Pre-Term Births and Virginia Policy


Dr. Jallo‚Äôs biobehavioral program of research focuses on improving maternal and infant outcomes with a particular emphasis on maternal stress, associated stress responses, personal resilience and biologic pathways as well as epigenetic factors influencing outcomes in at-risk women.  A focus of her biobehavioral research is developing and testing innovative, easy to implement interventions to promote well-being, influence biobehavioral mechanisms, and improve health outcomes.  She has tested guided imagery, a complementary and alternative therapy, in different populations with positive results and continue to study the effects and mechanisms of this powerful therapy.

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