VCU Poll Examines Social Equity Policy – Food and Rent Practices

On Friday, we reported on a poll released by the Wilder School of Government at VCU. In addition to questions about law enforcement and weapons at public protests, the poll examined social equity policy questions about fair rent practices.

Dr. Robyn McDougle, Director of the Wilder School’s Center for Public Policy, noted the rights of landlords and renters was a topic of considerable discussion in the 2018 General Assembly. “A conversation around do landlords have the right to reject a person renting their property based on where that person’s incomes comes from, specifically public assistance.”

38% of respondents felt that should not be permitted. “37% said that could be part of a consideration on a landlord’s part but not the only consideration,” said Dr. McDougle.

20% believed that a landlord should be able to reject a tenant based solely on income source. Landlord and tenant rights, Dr. McDougle said, continue to be a hot topic. “...and a conversation that I think will continue going into the 2019 General Assembly.”

A third Wilder School Poll is scheduled for release tomorrow (8/14).

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