Dr. Stuart Roberson speaks during the 2018 Forum on School Safety


To prepare VCU faculty to work with Virginia policymakers, OPPO provides in-depth, in-person seminars with legislative experts.

We also partner with organizations to provide speakers, academic expertise and public policy content. In April 2018, we assisted the Center for Public Policy at VCU to partner with the office of Brian Moran, Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security to convene a School Safety Forum.  Other partners have included Virginia Free, the Virginia Economic Development Association and the Virginia Commission on Youth, which hosts the Family Impact for Virginia Seminar.

Annual Faculty Seminar

VCU faculty come from all over the world, so understanding the finer points of Virginia’s unique system of government is crucial to informing their policy work.

Every spring, we host a daylong faculty seminar at the Virginia Capitol that offers a detailed overview of the legislative process.

During the seminar, experienced policy experts guide participants step-by-step through legislative processes such as how Virginia’s state budget is created and how a bill becomes a law.

Participation is free. To learn more or sign up for the next seminar, email

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